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ERD is dedicated to providing a level of customer service equal to our product’s standard of quality. True to form, we have developed our own transport system which minimizes cost. brCombined with an integrated inventory and delivery process, ERD has dramatically reduced standard shipping expenses allowing for a far more competitive pricing structure. This allows for a companies’ Purchaser to help meet their goal of reducing costs while increasing quality. Our facility can absorb multiple container orders and ship Call-Offs in manageable increments to our North American partners.

Quality Policy of ERD Metal relies on continuous development and efficiency. It is not only restricted with the products we distribute and stock but also it is a part of our corporate identity. Instead of focusing on short term profits, we strive for steady growth and stability. We are one of the leading enterprises and proud to be an example to the players in our industry.

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The Process of Aluminum Extrusion is the key form method used in developing all kinds of Aluminum Profiles: rods, pipes, frames, curtainwalls, etc, of varying degrees and thickness from bespoke dies. We find elegant solutions for complex challenges on a daily basis.


Aluminum is known as a durable metal with high level corrosion resistance in most environments; however, untreated version of it may have insufficient resistance to highly caustic applications. To provide sufficient protection in such conditions, aluminum anodizing must be applied.

Aluminium anodizing
Aluminium fabrication


ERD METAL offers a unique combination of comprehensive fabrication capabilities applicable to extruded products - including C&C cutting, stamping, mitering, punching, bending, drilling, milling and assembling. All supported by our value-adds; high precision, experienced artisans and technicians, engineering consultation, customer service, and, timely delivery.


The Electrostatic Powder Painting method, which is a completely dry coating system, is a solvent free coating. Electrically charged ground resin is paint particles that form the topcoat layer of paint, which is composed of other raw material and pigment particles. Electrostatic powder coating systems are applied to be in line with Qualicoat standards. We are meeting the highest quality expectations of our customers in the most complete and best way possible with our latest technology.

Aluminium Painting
Custom Packaging


All required packaging applications are available in this department. We have tremendous experience supplying the best European wholesalers and DIY chain stores; all Ready-for -the -Rack!

ERD METAL and Erdoganlar Aluminium offers you a wide range of packaging alternatives by starting the process with aluminum extrusion and completing it with surface treatment, mechanical processing, and customized packaging for a companies’ All-in-One stop shopping!